Every school and collage has its debating society which arranges debates, quiz, talent shows speaking both In English and Urdu and sports activities In order to prepare students for the practical life. Besides, schools and colleges there are other Associations and society which also arrange debates.
Debating societies serve many useful purposes. These societies sharpen the Intellect of those who participate In the discussion. Before putting their arguments for or against the subject under debates. They are deeply to think which points will be of substantial help to their stand. This invariably sharpens their Intellect and increase their power of thinking.
These debating societies are useful to students of the schools and collages as a special case; The young girls and boys who attend their educational institutions, need a common, platform (In order to take parts In Quiz, speeches, national songs, stage dramas and other sports activities) from which they can discuss venous types of views, points and situations In order to fulfill the demand of the debates and competitions. Shyness, hesitancy and fear are removed when they come on the stage or a platform and speak. In the beginning they may face and experience some difficulties but as the time went on (passes on) they soon become able, courageous to speak fluently and discuss freely.
The debating societies are of the special importance to students in cultivating the power of advancing argument who participates, want that his side should carry the day, he is their face, required to convince the audience so that they may take side of him, in case of division is called for. In order to gain favor, corroboration, support and seconding, convincing arguments are must. The participants should therefore make it a point to win the hearts of the audience by convincing appeal to their intellect. The discussing of debating societies throws a flood of light on the subject under consideration by examination all the parts for and against the muttons.
When we take parts in debates, when we speak on opposite sides of questions we learn to tolerate other people’s views and opinions. We become broad mind. Moreover, in a debate we have to be quick in thinking. Thus debating societies is sharping the wits is and strengthening the intellectual powers of a person. Debates are arranged on the variety of the subjects and we are given an opportunity to listen to the arguments in favour or against the new topics. Discussion in debating societies have often proved quite helpful for the society as well the government in solving many of their difficulties and puzzling problems. Some of the member if debating societies may become great public speakers and operators or the member of the legislative assembles and parliaments of their country.
“It is correct that debates sharpen the intellect of the participants either they are students or the others, and the power of speaking is increased”


Think of the terrorist as a cancer cell that might help to reframe, lf not answer, the agonized questions we keep asking ourselves. What constitutes a terrorist? What madness, what violent range, can cause human being to turn himself? Into a bomber, killing himself along with his targeted victims, as well as innocent bystanders? What chemistry of misplaced idealism of reutilization of spirit can create? Such a fury in the blood? More importantly, how do us the civilized, the law abiding, protect ourselves from such an implacable nemesis?
Such question has been asked before and will now be asked again with renewed urgency, is the terrorist Insane? ·If so, how do we defend ourselves against his Insanity? Is he a self-styled martyr seeking self actualization?
Conventional methods of defense armaments and stringent anti-terrorist laws don’t seem to work. If anything, they make matters worse. Whether it is Palestine, Sri Lanka, New York City, Kashmir and now Karachi. The fireball of terrorism seems able to erupt at will and if seemingly quenched in one spot, it bursts out another with recrudescent ferocity, No “Enduring Freedom" no National Missile Defense, no USA Patriot Act can provide a remedy for terrorism. And the more technological advanced and interlinked the global community becomes, the more vulnerable it is to terrorist attack. The World Trade Center holocaust was directly aided and abetted by high density sky scraper architecture; the Anthrax scare by the development of the virus by US laboratories in the 1950s.
Terrorism is not born in vacuum. We breed the terrorism we suffer, as we breed the disease of cancer in our bodies, Cancer, like cancer disease, is a life style manifestation. We cause our own cancer by creating a life style, an environment that is carcinogenic. We smoke, we drink, Increase our stress loads, then when the Big C hits us, we wonder why. How could it happen to me?
Think of terrorism as the political equivalent of cancer. If the International community has, In various trouble spots, created an environment where Individuals or group have In fact or perception been Increasingly marginalized, politically, socially, or economically, It has laid the foundation for the genesis of ideological cancer cells, which will grow, and spread, and metastasis and spring up In unexpected parts of the world: stamp it out In Afghanistan, it can flare In Jerusalem, of Chechnya or Washington or London or Karachi.
Like medical cancer, terrorist cancer can metamorphose into different terrorist From of the same disease. The links between different terrorist groups In different parts of the world and with ostensibly different agendas is well established. lf terrorism is Indeed a life-style disease, neither the political equivalent of the scalpel or of chemotherapy, nether military action nor draconian legislative counter assault will be of much help. Unless the disease is surgically rooted out In It’s entirely --- a near Impossibility considering the collusive nature of the quarry--- It will crop up again. Chemotherapy in the from of ordnances like USA Patriot, will only circumscribe democratic space without enhancing security.
Prevention, by way of life-style adjustments and regular checkups, is said to be the best cure for medical cancer. Those responsible for the health of our polity might do worse than take a leaf of such prescriptions. Go beyond the symptoms, find out what you Live so as not to encourage the growth of the disease. Have your check-ups, gather Intelligence, and take appropriate remedial action in the affected area. Most importantly, change the conditions which cause such malignant growths, like the light against cancer, the flight against the big “T” requires courage, stamina, the capacity to withstand pain and, most of all, faith. Faith that we can beat it because we must. For lf we don’t, it will beat us, by turning us Into Itself.


The standard of education in Pakistan is falling In a Continual manner due to locks of meaning and purpose. The planning for its developments battement and worth-while standard always remains up to in papers only.
Our education system has been divided into three stages i.e. Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary (University) education but there is coordination among these sections. The Head of the Institutions do not tape interest in performing these respective duties honestly properly and with trust. They do not take active part to teach the students and to raise the standard of education. There heads do not actually check their duties especially In college where the lecturers in some college spend most of their time in smoking and reading Newspapers In the staff rooms or in the libraries. Moreover these heads of Institutions miserably to fall to develop the working conditions of their institutions organizations such as teaching standard games, sports and other extra curricular activities, attendance and discipline As a result of there grass negligence the students are misguided by the social and political educations and even the fall prey to drug mafia agents.
Students they days are not taking keen interest in their studies attentively and fairly because for slackness being allowed in the examinations. Why should they undergo the pain of study when the door of un-pair means is wide open to them? Students having nobody to care for them no depend upon openly on notes, keys ready made answers and they are neither thought the text Books by their teachers non they are asked to porch such books of their syllabi.
Such type of immortal factors students has started the mean spirited practice of unfair means in the exanimations and disrespectful attitude towards the invigilators of the examinations hall. The whole process (system) of the examination or the education in our country needs a drastic over hauling change lf we want the students of education of educator imposed.


There is no place upon the face of the earth where people do not sing and where music is not treated as an art. Excepting only a. few, all the others love music and think it as a part and parcel of their life. No music, no refinement, no culture so they think.
In the primitive age when man had no learning, no culture, when he was as wild as the other wild and ferocious animals, he sang- he sang to give out his mind, to express his feelings, whether of joy or sorrow. Music was his language in and through which he expressed how he felt. He heard the clouds thunder, saw the waves howl and found all nature expressing itself in thousand and one ways. This made him wild in an excess of feeling and he sang- sang out of the gladness of his heart.
How old music is, nobody can say. The history of human civilization has a long record of music. It is said about Orpheus that when he played on his flute, even the beasts and birds assembled to hear him. It is narrated in the Bible that when King Saul was possessed of ghosts and lost his consciousness, David restored it by playing on his harp.
The definition of music can be gathered from what has been said above. Music is nothing but a succession of harmonious sounds, vocal or instrumental. So a song (solo
or chorus) comes under the category of music as does an instrumental concert. We may briefly say that any kind of melodious sounds, producing a pleasing effect upon the mind may be termed as music.
Music has appeal to the feelings. It rouses our feelings and emotions and make us forget our joys and sorrows so long as we listen to it. Its poetic jingling and measured tunes stir the inmost depths of our heart and make us one with them. It wields enormous power on our heart which nothing else can. This power of music made the children of Hamelin dance in thrilling joy and disappears with the Pied Piper, leaving their all behind. It is said that some wild animals like the tiger and the deer and even the venomous serpent are moved by music.
The kinds of music are many and various. Of these mention may be made of only some. The martial music stirs the patriotic feelings of men and even causes them to leave their hearth and home and go to the battle-field court death; religious songs make us-pure, honest and religious-minded; the pathetic songs bring tears to our eyes, the love-songs enthrall our heart with feelings for union or separation.
Music, as has been pointed out before; touches the softest cords of our heart. It is the food for our heart in our joys and sorrows: it satisfies the heart-hunger of all. This is why it is an object of endearment to all and is cultivated all over the world.


A man lives for himself. He thinks and acts to make his own self secure, comfortable and happy. His natural instinct of self-preservation makes him behavior this way. But he becomes truly human only when he tries to make others secure, comfortable and happy. To go beyond one’s own self and serve others is social service. Such statements as“To serve humanity is to serve God” and “Service before Self”, bring out the importance of social service.
Social service is a duty. From birth to death, individual man goes on receiving things from society. He is indebt to society. it is clearly his duty to try to pay up this debt, to return what he had received of course, the debt is so heavy that it can never be fully paid up. Social service is a way of giving back to society a tiny portion of what one has taken from it. The world is full of poverty, disease, and suffering. There are opportunities for social service everywhere. To raise a fallen man is a social service, to help an old lady out of a bus is social service to take a blind man across a road is social service. Such acts put sunshine into a dark life.
There are many inspiring examples of social and humanitarian service. Florence Nightingale, the Lady of the Lamp, gave a new turn to nursing by her selfless service to the sick and dying. Madam Curie dedicated by her life to the task of making science serves mankind. Damien died a leper in the service of lepers. Albert Schweitzer gave up a bright career and spent his whole-life serving the ailing in French Equatorial Africa. Jean Henri founded the Red Cross organization but died a poor man. Baden Powell, though dead, is still serving the world, through the Boys Scout Movement. Even our self-interest should make us serve others. For we rise or fall with our society Individual happiness depends upon social happiness. If everyone tries to make everyone else happy, everyone will find himself made happy. If we all stop throwing banana skins on roads, no one will break his bones thr`ot1gh a banana-skin.
Finally, social service is a great educational discipline. It lifts us out of our petty selves. It elevates our minds, hearts and spirit. It is spiritual training. It makes our lives richer and fuller. It gives us profound spiritual satisfaction and makes-us really and truly-happy. There is no greater happiness than the happiness that comes to us through the happiness of others.