Introduction - it sharpens the intellect of the participants - Power of speaking is increased - Conclusion.
To debate is to talk about a question, giving reasons for and against. A debating society is, therefore, a collection of persons to talk about a question, which is often of a controversial nature, giving reasons for and against it. Thus the persons of a debating society divide themselves into two groups, one supporting or saying in favor of the question or point at issue and the other opposing or saying against it. The utility of a debating society shows itself in various ways as stated below.
Debating societies sharpen the intellect of those who participate in the discussions. Before putting their arguments for or against the subject under debate, they are deeply to think which points will be of substantial help to their stand. This invariably sharpens their intellect and increases their power of thinking.
Such societies increase the power of speaking of the participants. Every one of them tries to be at his best. In order to achieve this, he is required-to .be most careful in using words, expressions and sentences in the most effective way and as a result of this his power of speaking is considerably enriched.
Debating societies help in thinking logically. Incoherent speech containing incoherent or illogical arguments falls flat on the audience. In order to make his speech adequately, effective, every participant is to think logically and put forward his arguments logically.
These societies are helpful in making the participants to give up their habit of digression. Sometimes a speaker goes out of track and starts speaking beyond the subject matter. This is against the basic principle of debating. The participants are, therefore, always to be alert that they do not say more than what is necessary.
Debating societies are helpful in cultivating the power of advancing arguments forcefully and convincingly. Every participant wants that his side should carry the day. He is therefore required to convince the audience so that they may side with him in case division is called for Mere vociferation without convincing arguments cannot win a case. The participants should, therefore, make it a point to win the heart of the audience by a convincing appeal to their intellect.
The discussion of debating societies throw a flood of light on the subject under consideration by examine all the points for and against the motions, Discussions in debating societies have often helped the society and the government in solving many of their difficult and puzzling problems. The U.N.O., which is the biggest debating society, solves the world problems just in the manner as we do in our petty debating societies.

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