Think about the subject in hand for a few minutes and try to understand what it moans. As you think over it you will find ideas coming into your mind. As they come,
Jot them down briefly on -a piece of paper. Develop these ideas, making it neither too narrow nor too broad, nor allowing your thoughts to wander away from the point.
Prepare an outline for the essay by arranging the ideas you have selected in their proper order. If the outline is given, follow it up closely. Do not introduce matter not
Include in it.
An essay should always be subdivided into paragraphs. A paragraph should deal with one main subject at a time, and not with more than one.
The introduction must be very brief. It may consist of a single sentence or a very short paragraph. It must be relevant to the subject.
The conclusion should be as striking as the beginning. It should be short and natural.
Never use a word of which you do not understand the meaning. A word wrongly used.
Abstain from introducing hackneyed quotations from poetry, which add nothing to the force of the composition and are too stale to add anything to its attractiveness.
Attend to grammar, idioms and punctuation. Use simple words and short sentences.

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